Curating Africa in the Age of Film Festivals

Curating Africa in the Age of Film Festivals

Curating Africa in the Age of Film Festivals offers the first scholarly exploration of the vital yet controversial role played by film festivals in curating particular versions of Africa, African film, African filmmakers, and African audiences. Drawing on fifteen years of Doveys work and field research, it takes us on a festive, historical tour, analyzing the curation of Africans at the world fairs, the contemporary curation of African film and African filmmakers at film festivals, and the proliferation of international film festivals across Africa today. Emphasizing the live potential of festivals, the book reveals the complex ways that festivals are co-authored by their organizers and participants, and makes a case for the subjective and contextual nature of aesthetic judgment.

Praise for Curating Africa in the Age of Film Festivals

An essential read. Dovey’s book offers rich insights into the circulation of African cinema while expanding our understanding of film festivals.

– Cameron Bailey, Artistic Director, Toronto International Film Festival

This book provides a further dimension to cinema studiestheoretical approach in recognizing that it is not just the content but also the framing of content that is intrinsic to the manufacture of meaning and the circulation of manufactured-meanings that is produced through international film festival exhibition circuits. Filmmakers, film scholars, and film curators equally will find this text enlightening.

– Jyoti Mistry, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa

A highly original contribution to the study of African screen media, and an intriguing account of the curatorial practices mobilized for defining ‘African film’ on film festival circuits. Lindiwe Doveys book provides the most comprehensive review to date of Africas place in African, African diasporic, and European film festivals. Any scholar interested in the positioning of African arts writ large, nationally and globally will find this an engaging and thought-provoking work.

– Moradewun Adejunmobi, University of California, Davis, USA

Original and meticulously researched, Curating Africa in the Age of Film Festivals is indispensable reading for scholars and students of African film. It brings African film studies into conversation with film festival studies to investigate film festivals as sites of meaning creation and (dis)sensus communis. This interdisciplinary book engages with a range of writers and theorists to suggest exciting new possibilities for defining and researching African cinema.

– Carmela Garritano, Texas A & M University, USA

In this vital book, Dovey reveals intertwined and divergent case histories as she considers questions of festivalized audience and/as agencyand possibilities of meaning-making, resistance, dialogue and debate, consensus-building, identity-assertion, and participatory spectatorship through curated communal film-viewing.

– Anne Ciecko, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, USA

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