Entertaining Africans: Creative Innovation in the (Internet) Television Space

In the growing scholarly literature on internet television, Africa is mentioned
tangentially, if at all. This article attempts to rectify this by offering one of the first studies of Africa-based and Africa-focused internet television and video on demand (VOD) for domestic and diasporan African audiences. It begins by giving a brief overview of screen and television infrastructure across Africa before moving on to describe the landscape of internet television in Africa, focusing on six core competitive factors: content, internet connectivity, data costs, payment options, security, and multimedia convergence. Finally, it identifies and briefly analyzes the potentially most popular Africa-based and Africa-focused internet television and VOD platforms. The article draws on original interviews conducted with key players at some of the most important Africa-based and African-focused
internet television and VOD platforms and with other African media scholars
and filmmakers who have expertise in different regions of the continent (and
specifically Senegal, Ethiopia, Angola, Rwanda, and Kenya).

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